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Curriculum Vitae

Marlyne K. Israelian, Ph.D.

Phone: (404) 325-8512 Ext: 726

I completed my undergraduate training in Montreal, Canada at McGill University and my graduate training in Atlanta, Georgia, at Emory University. I went on to pursue internship training at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, specializing in child development and assessment, and neuropsychological evaluation. My postdoctoral years were spent at the Regents Center for Learning Disorders at Georgia State University where I further specialized in the assessment of learning disabilities, attention deficits hyperactivity disorder, emotional disorders, and developmental and acquired cognitive deficits in adults and children.

As a therapist, I strive to provide the highest quality clinical services within the context of a caring and collaborative therapeutic relationship.

As a scientist, my interests lie in studying brain-behavior relationships and the ways in which they impact an individual’s mental health and interpersonal functioning.

As an educator, my goal is to disseminate information to others in such a way as to highlight mental health issues that are both universally applicable as well as culturally sensitive.


I see individuals, couples, and families in therapy. I believe that true and lasting change occurs through the establishment of a caring and genuine therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the patient. It is in this relationship that most individuals feel that they are being “heard” and “seen' for who they are and who they wish to become.

Among my areas of expertise are the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, relationship problems, stress, career and academic difficulties, life transitions, and overcoming abuse and neglect.

I believe that therapy is most successful when a therapist is able to help his or her client believe there is true hope for happiness, realize lasting change requires hard work and patience, and accept unconditional support based on the belief that all individuals are unique, capable, and competent beings.

In both my psychotherapy and in my assessment practice, I sometimes encounter highly intelligent and competent adults with ADHD who struggle needlessly to achieve success in academic pursuits, career goals, and relationships. I work with such individuals to help them learn how to compensate for and overcome challenges that are particularly relevant for them. Helping adults with ADHD learn to successfully apply their unique gifts/talents towards achieving school, work, and/or relationship goals is among my most rewarding work.

Having trained under some of the most esteemed neuropsychologists in the country, I specialize in the assessment of developmental disorders, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and head injury in both children and adults. Because I believe very strongly that an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan can only be accomplished through a comprehensive evaluation, I rarely conduct
"partial" or "abbreviated" evaluations. It has been my experience that such evaluations rarely succeed at appropriately identifying all of the complex factors that could be negatively affecting an individual. My evaluations include an assessment of intellectual abilities, academic achievement, attention/concentration, executive functioning, memory, language, visual-perceptual skills, visual-motor skills, somatosensory perception, fine motor abilities, and social-emotional functioning.

I offer forensic expertise as an expert witness or consultant in criminal and civil proceedings.

I am available for individual, group, and peer consultation on both an on-going and by appointment basis.




Ph.D. 2000. Clinical Psychology,
Emory University

M.A. 1997. Clinical Psychology,
Emory University

B.Sc. 1992. Psychology, McGill University


Licensed Psychologist, Georgia Board of Psychology Examiners, License, No. 2583




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