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Michael Barnett, LPC

Phone: (404) 325- 8512 Ext: 734

Human beings, on this human journey, are hard-wired to thrive. We have the innate capacity to grow, evolve and heal. However, not one of us comes through life unscathed. Life circumstances and previous events often impede this natural process, leaving a residue of limitation, hurt and confusion. People can, and will, inherently grow when provided with the very basic human conditions of safety, respect, adequate guidance and understanding.

I endeavor to join with my clients so that, together, we may create the conditions that open the doorways to self –discovery. Out of this collaboration, the natural capacity to grow is kindled, so that we can find the truth, face the truth, and catalyze the development of dormant strengths, and resources that create fulfilling meaningful lives.

I sincerely believe that there is nothing more deeply courageous than taking the risk to come to terms with that which holds us back. For me, it is a genuine privilege to be able to have the opportunity to join each person in this very rich, and rewarding process of discovery and becoming.

I have an abiding passion for marriage and couples therapy. It is the main focus and specialization and of my practice. EFT is an elegant blend of both empirically validated scientific research and respectful, effective humanistic therapy.

I am one of approximately two-dozen therapists in the country to become an ICEEFT certified trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT). In addition to my clinical practice working with couples here at Pine River, I train other psychotherapists across the United States and Canada to become certified in the EFT model.

Although relational conflict can be quite intense and disorienting, I have found that it holds an innate capacity to open doors to our inner life, and present enormous opportunities for creating both wonderfully bonded relationships, and immense inner growth as well.

Our significant others often hold an invisible key that can activate painful hurts, fears, longings, and chaos that do not seem to manifest in other areas of our lives. At the same time, these very same partners also hold the golden key to both our personal healing, as well as lasting love. Through a course of EFT, I join couples in identifying, and ultimately breaking free from long-standing patterns that maintain couple distress, and help them find new ways to connect that promote closeness and long lasting love.




Emory University,
BA psychology 1986

West Georgia College,
MA Humanistic Psychology 1989

West Georgia College,
Ed.S Counseling Education
Psychology 1990


Licensed Professional
Counselor (lic. #1706)

ICEEFT Certified Supervisor
and in Emotionally Focused
Therapy for Couples

ICEEFT Certified Trainer
in Emotionally Focused
Therapy for Couples


The Atlanta Center for
Emotionally Focused Therapy


Licensed Professional Counselor Association
of Georgia

American Mental Health Counselors Association

National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors


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